High-end machine embroidery made in Europe

Give your designs the last touch with embroidery from AnBella Designs.  We supply independent designers and small fashion brands with high-end machine embroidery, 
which has a great tradition, is 100% produced in Europe and is usually not easily accessible for buyers requiring smaller quantities.

AnBella Designs offers a special type of machine embroidery. The Schiffli technique has its origin in the border region of Austria and Switzerland. Located in the heart of where the Schiffli embroidery machines where making its history in the early 19th century, we are today able to produce beautiful embroidery pieces locally and sustainably.


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We are very excited to announce that our products are now available to buy online!

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Small quantities, great prices

Our products follow a competitive price scheme and are available from only 20m minimum order quantity. We make machine embroidery accessible for smaller players.

High quality & trusted client relationship

We aim for a healthy, long-term relationship with our clients. Offering high-quality products with a fast lead-time and agile customer support trust and loyalty is our number one priority.

Locally sourced & produced

With materials sourced in Europe and our embroidery developed and produced across Austria and Switzerland, we are able to offer embroidery which is 100% local.

Local sourcing with high quality assurance

Local Business – Sustainability – Cost-Efficiency

Our client base is ranging from fashion graduates to medium-sized designer brands across Europe and the US. With production being held exclusively in our region AnBella Designs is able to assure quality which is impossible to get anywhere else, especially far-east. 

We do what we do because we love it. As a family-run business it is our passion to create embroideries with the knowledge and skills we have gained from the history of Schiffli embroidery production in our region.

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Beautiful designs in a great product variety

Guipure – Broderie Anglaise – Polyester
based Embroideries

Being at the front-end of the ever-emerging fashion industry AnBella Designs takes all the trend insights from its big brother Antex and creates embroidery which has a unique character and an affordable price at the same time.

With embroidery making a comeback in fashion AnBella Designs should be top of the list for buyers looking to source machine embroidery which is of excellent quality, exclusive and is very rich in history.

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