Our Mission

Sustainability & Local production

At AnBella Designs we do what we are good at – designing and producing embroidery on fabric and making it accessible to a wider audience.

We believe in the future on sustainable fashion and want to support this development with supplying sustainable embroidery fabric such as embroidery net fabrics, embroidery fabric linen. With our in-house design team and local production units we follow the thought through and put European origin first.

Deadstock Embroidery

Deadstock refers to the repurposing of unused fabrics leftover from fashion houses. It is a sustainable alternative in the fashion industry, decreasing the amount of overproduced fabrics sent to landfills.

We fell in love with this concept and decided to sell deadstock embroidery fabric online so that nothing goes to waste.

Excellent quality

Wondering where to buy embroidery fabric? At AnBlella Designs we focus on outstanding product quality.

We believe in bringing excellent Swiss quality embroidery back alive. With more than 60 years of industry experience every single AnBella Designs product consists of highest standard materials and shows precise finishing.