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Put the finishing touch to your masterpiece with a pretty embroidered cotton tulle edging. One straight edge allows easy attachment to any garment whilst the width of this lace edging allows for more versatility. Pretty and practical for everyday use.

7.45  excl. VAT
9.02  excl. VAT

2020 New Year Selection

4.6m Cotton Tulle Edging Cotton

25.48  excl. VAT
26.40  excl. VAT
12.05 13.25  excl. VAT

2020 New Year Selection

9.2m Cotton Tulle Edging Cotton

18.22  excl. VAT
11.50 13.89  excl. VAT
14.44  excl. VAT
16.56  excl. VAT
13.71  excl. VAT