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Corded Cotton Lace

This corded tulle or guipure lace is produced solely in Europe and adds texture and interest to an outfit. Helping you stand out in the crow, this beautiful 100% cotton lace is created from Switzerland on traditional English machines and is corded for extra texture. We make light work of your design with these trims. High quality and durable, these machine embroidery gallons can be easily sewed on to any fabric on both sides. The unique gallon shape embroidery gives these trims a modern and unique feel. Cord embroidery is the process of sewing fancy yarn, tapes or ribbons to fabric.
When sewing tape or ribbon, it is sometimes referred to as tape embroidery or ribbon embroidery.

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It is not the process of sewing it after placing the designer yarn or tape, but the characteristic of sewing while at the same time placing designer yarns or tapes. Depending on where the ribbon is sewn, the embroidery becomes three-dimensional. With cord embroidery, the embroidery can be done by not only sewing the center, but also by scoop-sewing so that the stop-thread cannot be seen. Rolled/Wrapped cord embroidery is a process of embroidering while wrapping thread around a core yarn. Depending on how it is rolled, you can easily change the thread out.