What is Guipure Lace?

Guipure is now the French word for tape, but back in the days when machine embroidery was newly established, the word guipure was used to describe lace that has a gimp or thicker thread to outline the pattern. Guipure embroidery tends to be heavier than most embroidery. Widely applied on modern bridal and luxurious evening gowns, Guipure lace gives designs a bolder and more unique look.

How does it work?

We embroider the yarn on a water-soluble base fabric which disintegrates during the final process, leaving on the embroidery. This technique enables us to create the purest form of embroidery with various yarn materials, even wool or lurex. Now, there are also unique finishing techniques such as Chintz, which gives the embroidery a leather look.

Guipure lace

Where can I get Cotton Lace?

With AnbBella you can now source high-end European Guipure machine embroidery allover fabrics and trims from only 2m.

Our easy to sew on our cotton lace is designed and produced locally in Austria and Switzerland. With more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry, AnBella Designs Cotton Lace has a very precise finishing and is simply not comparable to any choice sourced in the far east.

We like to see our customers happy so convince yourself from the quality of our designs and place your first order with no minimum spend!

Guipure Lace motif

How to work with it?

Guipure embroidery can sometimes be a bit tricky to work with. When attaching a Guipure trim, motif or collar to garmet make sure to take advantage of the structure of the design, following the flow of the embroidery stichtes.

Versatile in its outcome Guipure Lace can we used on womens as well as mens wear clothing, giving the design a bold look.

Explore our range and for your next sewing project.

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Gallons, Trims & Motifs

Cotton & Rayon

Cotton Guipure Trim

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Trims, Galloons & Insertion Lace

Guipure Lace Trim

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Guipure Lace Fabric
Guipure lace Motif

Full-Width Embroidery

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Floral Guipure Lace Fabric

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Rayon Guipure Lace Fabric

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Rayon Guipure Lace Fabric

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Guipure Lace Fabric

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Rayon Guipure Lace Fabric

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Rayon Guipure Lace Fabric

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