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We offer sustainable and affordable, high-end machine embroidery made in Europe. We require no minimum quantity on your first order so feel free to try out as much or as little as you’d like. Browse our entire collection of special embroderies and check out our best sellers below.

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2020 New Year Selection

12 x Rayon Guipure Motifs

3.96  excl. VAT
10.44  excl. VAT
17.30 18.22  excl. VAT
21.09 36.41  excl. VAT
134.09  excl. VAT
113.85  excl. VAT
10.26 11.09  excl. VAT

Trims & Gallons

4.6m Rayon Guipure Gallon

25.48  excl. VAT

Trims & Gallons

9.2m Rayon Guipure Gallon

12.05  excl. VAT
20.98  excl. VAT
27.14  excl. VAT
26.10  excl. VAT

Trims & Gallons

2.3m Rayon Guipure Gallon

14.67  excl. VAT

Polyester Organdy

6.9m Organdy Gallon Rayon

17.39  excl. VAT